Friday, 20 June 2014

Head Master's Weekly Notes - 20th June

The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle said that ‘Educating the mind without educating the soul is no kind of education at all’ and this week in particular we have seen the creativity and talent that is so abundant at Sexey’s feeding our souls. The recent Inter House Music competition and Acoustic Night heralded in the summer season of music and it was wonderful to see the students perform both competitively and for the masses – the Acoustic Night in particular, with the Staff Rock Band performing Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs, showcased the variety of talent we have at the school. The End of Year GCSE and A-level Art Exhibition also took place this week and my two daughters (aged 6 and 4) were inspired by the quality of work that was on display (they were kicking and screaming when I decided it was time to leave)  from intricate drawings, to lavish paintings through to innovative sculptures and textile designs. One painting struck in particular struck me which depicted Battersea Power Station (not too far from where I grew up) in the background with Constable’s Hay Wain in the foreground – pretty profound to say the least and it’s a good thing that art can provoke such a reaction – emotional or otherwise. The Y10 art work for  their summer exams was also in display and from what I can see it bodes well for the future. And I will be off soon to watch ‘A Night of Comedy’ by the Y10 GCSE dramatists which should prove to be very amusing indeed and the perfect start to the weekend with the  6th Form Prom later on this evening.

So with the World Cup in Brazil still in full flow and the samba beat still ringing in my ears, we could get the violins out to accompany England’s tale of sorrow. What they do need is to go back to the drawing board, paint a different picture and learn how to be more artistic and creative in the final third.  

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