Friday, 26 June 2015

Head Master's Weekly Notes - 26th June

This last week has seen the departure of two year groups now that their exams have finally finished. On Saturday we celebrated with the U6 at the 6th Form Ball held at the swanky Haynes Motor Museum, whilst on Tuesday we had the Y11 Prom also at the Haynes Motor Museum – a popular choice for discerning students. The U6 have been a formidable year group admirably led by Jack Wingate and Annabel Buckland, and it was wonderful to see the cohort together enjoying themselves as they embark on life beyond Sexey’s. Similarly, the Y11s have done the school proud. The Y11 Leavers’ Assembly and BBQ last Friday was an emotional one with the Head Boy, Ed Deacon giving a rousing speech and the Head Girl, Georgina Chapman leading the prayers. The Heads of House recounted the many trials and tribulations that our Y11s have gone through during their time at Sexey’s and I hope we have built their character and confidence and have taught them essential life skills. The Y11 video made by the students was a work of art and thank you to all colleagues who contributed to it – highly amusing and well executed. Some of our Sexeians will be moving on to pastures new and we thank them for all that they have done for the school. And we will welcome back many to the 6th Form (Induction Day was on Tuesday) where we hope to continue our strong relationship with them.

So how will the Classes of 2015 be remembered? Will it be the success that they have found both in and out of the academic arena – art, music, drama, hockey, cricket, rugby, athletics, football, netball, rounders, horse riding, motor sports, swimming, services to the community …I could go on. Or will the Classes of 2015 be remembered for the qualities of tolerance, respect and kindness that is clearly evident amongst these group of students? I suspect that it will be a combination of both. For example, last week’s End of Year Art show was a fitting tribute to the hard work and sheer effort that our Sexeians put in. The quality of work produced by our artists was simply stunning – all credit to them. Developing such intricate skills and fostering a love of art is something I hope we do well here at Sexey’s. With Hauser & Wirth and now the Bruton Art Factory on our doorstep, Sexeians are very fortunate to be surrounded by such creative and artistic people from which they can learn and draw inspiration. And of course it’s Glastonbury weekend, the festival of contemporary performing arts – our Sexeians are very lucky indeed. A curtain raiser to Glastonbury on our very own stage saw the Summer Instrumental concert take place this week and it was wonderful to watch our talented Sexeians perform and to hear Miss Kate Stevens (in her last concert at Sexey’s) sing ‘Seraphim’ from Handel’s ‘Samson. The school is full of talent.

Speaking of Hauser & Wirth, I will be attending the film premieres of Shaftesbury End (a teenage Wolf Hall) and ‘Exposure’ that our Sexey’s students have been making this past year with renowned director Jack Price – the photos of the shoots have been stunning. Again creativity and opportunity in abundance at Sexey’s. I hope you can join me this evening to celebrate their work.

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