Monday, 19 September 2016

Head Master's Weekly Notes - 16 September 2016

From the Head Master

I have just had time to draw breath after a host of events and activities this week at Sexey’s – from Girls’ hockey and rugby practices, the Silver DoE expedition to the Quantocks, Mandarin Club, 6th Form EPQ research trip to the University of Southampton, BSA, TLC, Roald Dahl Day, Y7 Sexey's Bug competition, Glow in the Park at Longleat, Splashdown in Poole (pun not intended), clubs and societies, 6th Form trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company to watch a performance of Marlowe's 'Dr Faustus' and the GCSE Geography trip. Has it really only been 10 days since the start of term? It still feels like summer...

On Tuesday, after the School Chaplain, Mr Kelley, explored the impact of 9/11 on the world some 15 years on with our 6th form, the English department celebrated the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth. A hundred years may have passed since he was born, but it remains impossible to imagine a literary world without characters he created such as Willy Wonka, Matilda, and the BFG. He remains one of the world’s best storytellers and his stories will inspire many a generation to come, much like his quotes. And one stands out in particular for me, which I would like to share with you.  
“I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I'll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else. Kindness - that simple word. To be kind - it covers everything, to my mind. If you're kind that's it.”

Kindness is one of our core values, along with Tolerance and Respect and this quote by Roald Dahl really resonates with me and I hope it does with you and with our students too. How we treat each other speaks volumes about us and not losing sight of these values when times get challenging reflects our character and personality. It’s only our second week back and I can see these values in abundance at Sexey's. We have our Boarders’ Church Service at St Mary’s this Sunday at 11.00am – it would be lovely to see you there. 

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