Friday, 23 May 2014

Head Master's Weekly Notes - 16th May

The weather was very kind to us last Sunday, and long may it continue, when the Head Master's XI took on the 1st XI cricket team. Experience triumphed over youth but it’s not all about the winning - it's the taking part that counts which is important.

I had to leave the match early as I was attending the Boarding Schools' Association Annual Conference for Heads in Glasgow. I could probably have done without it: what is the collective term for a group of heads...a pomp? But Glasgow was fascinating and, as is often the case, I took more from the place than for the reason for being there - I had never been to Glasgow and was suitably impressed.

Glasgow was the 2nd city of the Empire and rightly so - it's architecture, industry politics and culture lent itself to that and the fact that it is the host city for the upcoming Commonwealth Games this summer is testimony to this. The plethora of museums - the Gallery of Modern Art and the outstanding Kelvingrove Art Museum to name a few, teaches us about our history and rich culture. The latter had Dali, Rembrandt, Picasso, Lowry, Guthrie and Van Gogh all on display for us to learn and appreciate. The two universities - one steeped in tradition and the other modern, complimented each other and the diversity of degree courses on offer reflected the ever changing educational and economic landscape. The cultural hotspots were breath taking - Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis and the Riverside were some of the highlights.

And of course, the debate about Scottish independence is rife amongst its people  - from the taxi driver to the Scottish Heads. Should Scotland stay? I believe it should and I hope the Scottish people do too - 400 years of history connects us and like any family we have had our differences and disagreements but ultimately we have stuck together for the benefit of the country. We can still learn so much from each other. With the European elections next week, the Scottish referendum in the autumn and the General Elections next year - the country will certainly be going through a period of change. 

Too much time is spent debating the problems of education - it is still high on the political agenda and the conference was no different. But it is the purpose of education that matters more and I hope that we at Sexey's still teach the right values, a good history and the importance of both a moral stance and a respect for those who differ. So perhaps the trip to Glasgow was worthwhile.

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