Friday, 23 May 2014

Head Master's Weekly Notes - 23rd May

The weather (and politics!) seems to be the hot topic of conversation and yet again as I sit in my study I think of what could have been this afternoon. The blustery gales and the driving rain against the windows have led to our Sports Day being cancelled for the time being and it is terribly frustrating. All the athletes were ready for the challenges that lay before them on the Elm Field and riding on the success the school enjoyed at the Yeovil Area Schools Competition this week, (where many of our students have been put forward for county trials) we were going to be in for a real treat.  Not only is it one of our flagship events, it was also going to be the occasion when we formally cemented our relationship with Macmillan Cancer, our sponsored charity. Douglas Macmillan, the founder of the charity, was an Old Sexeian (OS) and attended the school back in 1894 and from its humble beginnings back in 1911, he established the 'Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer', which provided information on recognising, preventing and treating cancer to patients, doctors and members of the public. From those humble beginnings, it has grown into one of the leading  national charities and we are proud of our shared heritage with Macmillan and the importance of this very great cause. We will of course, let you know when we are going to reschedule Sports Day and I hope you will be able to support this wonderful occasion.

It was great sadness we learn of Paul Goslin, one of the four missing crew of the Cheeki Rafiki yacht that ran into difficulty when returning from Antigua Sailing Week in the Atlantic Ocean. He is the father of Claire Goslin (OS) and our thoughts and prayers are with Mr Goslin and his family at this difficult time.

The half term has flown by at a rate of knots (there is still an Easter egg in my study) and the half term holiday will be a welcome respite for our Y11s, Y12s and Y13s (and staff) who have currently been sitting their exams. It will also be an opportunity for the Lower School to prepare for theirs after the break. We had the Y13 Leavers’ assembly yesterday and it was a proud moment for me to see our Sexeians preparing to take the next step after their exams. I hope the school has done well by them and has given them a sense of pride and responsibility and that the values we have taught our Old Sexeians will help them along their respective journeys. As I listened to the James Russ (Head Boy), Aimee McCutcheon (Head Girl) and Ed Cramp (Head of Boarding) talk affectionately about their time here and the lasting friendships and memories they will have of Sexey’s, I can see that we have done a good job.  

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